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The Terms and Conditions below, the Quotation, Specification & Checklist shall constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the Parties and supersedes any previous agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

1.1 Authorisation: All Staff engaged by Busy Homes work under direct supervision and control of our Office and staff within. Any variations and/or any instructions on matters outside the duties agreed in the Quotation, the Specification & Checklist must be agreed with members of our Staff at our Office or Supervisors in the field.

1.2 Cover: Should your Housekeeper(s) take ill, or is injured, or be on holiday or for any other reason is not able to continue with their duties, Busy Homes will use its reasonable endeavors to supply a replacement member of staff. We try to avoid staff changes but reserve the right to change your Housekeeper at any time.

1.3 Liability: We make every effort to maintain high standards of integrity and reliability among our staff in accordance with your needs. However, we cannot accept liability to the Client other than for the loss or damage to property, for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or breach of statutory duties. We shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses.

1.4 Introduction fee: It is prohibited to approach any current Busy Homes employee with a view to offering them work on a private basis of any nature whatsoever. If the Client (or any relative, friend or contact of the Client) privately employs any current or previous member of the Busy Homes Staff who have been introduced to the Client by way of their relationship with Busy Homes and also within 12 months of the end of any contract with Busy Homes, whether paid or unpaid, in any capacity whatsoever, the Client will pay Busy Homes a one-off payment of £500 by way of an introduction fee.

1.5 Payment: The initial clean is payable by cheque/online banking on the day. Busy Homes Invoices are issued monthly in arrears and should be settled by cheque made payable to ‘’Busy Homes’ or Online/Telephone Banking within 7 days of the invoice issue date. Late payment charges of 10% of the balance value may be applied for balances not settled by the end of the 3rd week of the month.

1.6 Client Termination: The Client may terminate the service by giving 2 scheduled visits notice in writing, after which Busy Homes will continue to perform scheduled visits until the termination date. Immediate cancellations or cancellations within the 2 visit termination period by the Client are subject to payment of the outstanding week’s regular visit charges. Failure to sign these Terms does not affect this obligation. See 1.19 below.

1.7 Complaints: If the customer has a complaint Busy Homes will endeavor to rectify that complaint as soon as practicable after the complaint is notified. Any complaints must be notified within 24 hours of the clean having taken place/as soon as practicable thereafter otherwise no liability to rectify that complaint can be accepted. A complaint(s) will not be deemed to be sufficient substance or reason to waive or alter the Client Termination clause 1.6 above.

1.8 Feedback to Busy Homes management or staff: All our staff try their hardest but mistakes can be made in a place as complex as a home. We welcome constructive feedback. However we operate a zero tolerance policy with regard to impolite or sarcastic feedback, bad language or the raising of voices and will terminate your service under Clause 1.9 below in the event of such behavior.

1.9 Busy Homes Termination: Busy Homes may terminate the agreement either immediately or by providing a 2 visit termination period in the event of non-payment by the Client, persistent late payment, consistent unreasonable demands, unreasonable behavior and rudeness towards staff and other conditions which may arise from time to time, at which time all fees due to be paid by the Client under this agreement shall be payable immediately.

1.10 Regular access: By signing the Agreement you are agreeing to make access to your home available to our Housekeepers on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. If our Housekeepers attend your home at the agreed time and are unable to gain immediate access they will wait 30 minutes for your arrival. If access is not possible within this time then you will be charged for that visit unless it is possible to re-schedule as per Clause 1.11 below plus 30 minutes.

1.11 Occasional Cancellations: Cancellations of regular scheduled visits will be charged regardless of notice period unless it is possible to re-schedule the visit within 2 days for weekly visits and 4 days for fortnightly visits. On the day cancellations will incur a fee of £25 regardless of whether or not the clean is rescheduled.

1.12 Holidays: Pre-booked holiday periods incur no charges – please advise us of your holiday plans in advance. Holidays are defined as time away from home of a minimum of 4 consecutive week-days.

1.13 Accidental Damage: Any damages or losses identified by the customer following a visit by Busy Homes must be reported within 24 hours/as soon as practicable following the visit otherwise no liability can be accepted.

1.14 Product/equipment liability: If Busy Homes staff are asked to utilise a product/s or item/s of equipment (vacuums etc) supplied by the Client the liability for provision of clear usage instructions and the safe performance of the product/equipment rests with the Client.

1.15 Introductions to Third Parties: If Busy Homes provides an introduction to a Third Party supplier to perform a task for the Client, then the Client agrees that liability for the performance of that task is directly between the Client and the Third Party. Busy Homes gives no warranty or assurances as to the quality or workmanship of such Third Party.

1.16 Transportation of goods: If Busy Homes is required to transport Client goods to a Third Party, Busy Homes’ liability is limited to the transport of goods to and from the Home and the Third Party and not for any work or service provided by that Third party to the Client.

1.17 Confidentiality: By signing this form you consent to us obtaining, holding and using your personal data in connection with Busy Homes service range. Such data shall not be shared with any third party companies without the explicit consent of the Client.

1.18 Hours/day of operation: Office 8am-6pm; closed Bank Holidays and closed between Christmas and New Year.

1.19 Acceptance: Commencement of our cleaning service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, and an agreement to pay our charges. Signature of these Terms and Conditions ensures our Insurance cover is applicable.

1.20 Variation: We may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any such variations shall be brought to the Client's attention as soon as possible. If the Client does not raise any objection within 7 days of receiving notification of the variations, the Client shall be deemed to accept the variations made and shall be bound by such variations.

1.21 Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales in the event of a dispute arising or in connection with this agreement.

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