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Cleaning for familiesWe know how difficult it can be with a family at home. Many of us at Busy Homes have families and in particular small children to look after, and keeping on top of the household chores during the week can be difficult.

With either our cleaning or ironing service (or in some cases both!), we can help take away the stress and hassle of keeping your home running smoothly.

Many parents with teenage kids ask us not to clean their rooms as they are trying to breed some responsibility into their offspring - we're naturally happy to tailor our service so that we help you with your objectives!

We can also help you by changing bed linen and towels in the bathroom and putting items on to wash.

Our ironing service provides a two day turnaround. Your clothes and garments will be returned on hangers in covers with trouser guards or folded.

Busy Professionals

Cleaning for busy professionalsAfter a long week at work do you really want to clean your house and get on with the ironing? That's where we come in.

As a busy single or professional couple, out of the house all day, you can probably get by with a fortnightly service but of course we can clean weekly if you prefer. We can make sure you have fresh linen and shirts ready for the following week and if you've been away travelling on business we can pop in and make sure you have some essentials in the fridge to come back to.

Mums to be

Cleaning for Mums to beWhether its the first time or not you've probably been told by now that it's a good idea to get some help around the house whilst you cope in the latter parts of your pregnancy and during the first few months with your new baby!

While sleep and rest are at a premium you don't want to be doing chores around the house - leave that to us! There's no long term commitment with Busy Homes so our service is an ideal way to keep in control of the house when all else is new and different!

You'll also be reassured to know that we don't use any nasty chemicals around the house. In fact we use professional cleaning products with bactericidal cleaning properties in both the bathroom and kitchen to make sure these surfaces are hygienic and thoroughly clean. This is backed up by our colour coded system of cloths and dusters to make sure no germs are unnecessarily transported around your house.

Don't delay, make sure you don't get caught out. Call us today!


Cleaning for SeniorsWe have a growing group of retired customers who come to us for two reasons. Could this be you?

  • You've spent your entire life cleaning your home and have had enough!
  • Or you require a bit of extra help around the home, perhaps while recovering from an operation. In fact we have had many customers come to us after going in for hip operations and the like, where they need a bit of extra help for a few months whist recovering.

If your children have already flown the nest, we don't need to clean the whole house, just the parts that are used...

"I would like you to thank your cleaner for today, the house is immaculate." Mrs Axson

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