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Environmental impact

Envrionmentally Friendly CleaningAt Busy Homes we are aware that our activities can have an effect on the environment. Therefore we take the following practical actions every day in the conduct of our business:

Recycling packaging and materials

We recycle the following items:

  • Any cardboard used by suppliers for deliveries to us
  • Plastic containers containing chemical refills
  • Used Wooden duster handles
  • Used ink cartridges from the office

Re-using supplies

We re-use the following items:

  • 750ml spray bottles refilled from bulk containers
  • All our hangers are re-used when returned by customers

Protecting the Ozone layer

  • We do not use aerosols of any kind

Protecting the environment 

  • We use biodegradable plastic bags to collect and dispose of rubbish
  • Where possible, we use bio-degradable and environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Our plastic ironing covers are bio-degradable

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

  • We try to ensure all driving routes are efficient thereby not contributing to pollution
  • All cloths are washed at low temperatures in sensible economic loads
  • We switch off electrical appliances in our offices including radios, PCs and use timers on our heaters
  • Where possible, we use email to send monthly invoices and communications thereby reducing paper waste

If there are other actions we could take we welcome your suggestions. Whilst these actions may add some cost and process to our business they represent a small contribution to the wellbeing of the planet.

 "...Also to say the girls did a great job on Monday. The place looked like a war zone when they arrived after a particularly chaotic weekend and they left it sparkling." Mrs Jones

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